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Life Changing Movies That Will Change Your View Towards Life

Life Changing Movies That Will Change Your View Towards Life

These spiritual movies depict a character’s ascension to a higher level of consciousness. The films will gently remind you of your life’s mission before taking you on a spiritual journey. You will begin to recall your life’s purpose, and each awakening film will impart a spiritual lesson. We are confident you have seen the majority of these spiritually awakening films, but the list is extensive, and you will find plenty more to watch. So, if you’re on a spiritual road, we recommend seeing these films.

Life of Pi

In this film the protagonist, PI Patel, must survive aboard a boat adrift in the seas with a male Bengal Tiger as his friend. While he is on the boat, he overcomes immense hardships, and while the film does not visibly appeal to spirituality, it teaches us spiritually to never give up. The movie also teaches us about the importance of willpower and compassion.

The Pursuit of Happyness

The Pursuit of Happyness is about a man named Chris Gardner who loses all of his money after selling his niche product. After getting divorced, he is faced with an unpaid internship, a child to care for, and homelessness. Despite the fact that the two are struggling to stay alive, Chris never loses up hope. This is one of the best spiritual films of all time, as it demonstrates that the light of darkness cannot be denied.


Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas is a spiritually enlightening film about six generations of humanity. It is a film in which all six characters are dealing with emotional issues, and they gradually realize how their actions effect the lives of others they care about. The film is excellent, intelligent, and it opens our eyes to persons we care about but who do not conform to our expectations.

Matrix Trilogy

The red and blue pills are well-known in The Matrix. One pill keeps you immersed in The Matrix and its illusions, while the other pill dismantles the illusion and gives you a new view on the world. The film is mind-blowing, and it is also spiritual, in addition to having a terrific storyline.


One of our favorite films is Interstellar. It includes wonderful spiritual lessons and in addition to the depth of the plot, vital effects, and the best musical composition of the film make it our favorite. It’s a science fiction film on the surface, but it gives us a glimpse of spiritual perception and another world that’s actually alive and beautiful. So, if you enjoy spiritually themed science fiction films, this is the film for you. To watch these films you will need a good TV service, and for that, we suggest Spectrum TV. The Spectrum Select Package is affordable, comes with a great channel list with all HD channels that have something for everyone, and in addition to that, you get to enjoy on demand content.

Peaceful Warrior

Peaceful Warrior is a romantic drama about a world-class gymnast who is searching for meaning in his life. In his life, he encounters a stranger who helps him discover himself and the path to enlightenment. If you enjoy films that depict the route to enlightenment, this is one you should not miss.


The Terminator is an old-fashioned spiritual film that shatters the signs of what would happen in society if we choose a greedy, fear-based route over a love-based way. Some people think Terminator is merely science fiction, yet it’s much closer to reality than most people think. In terms of spirituality, science fiction, virtual reality development, and artificial intelligence, the film is a must watch.

The Green Mile

The Green Mile is a strange and spiritual film about a black guy named John Coffey who is accused of murdering two young children. The man is misunderstood due to his appearance and has powers that can save others, but will he be able to save himself? This film can be classified as a spiritual healing film. It teaches us that we must learn to see beyond outward appearances.


Rocky Balboa is a nostalgic spiritual film about accomplishing the seemingly impossible! It’s about boxers who appear out of nowhere and compete for the top. So, if you’re looking for the ultimate “sports spiritual movie,” this is it. This film is inspired and teaches us a deep understanding of life and truth that is both shown and hidden.

Astral City: A Spiritual Journey

Astral City is a spiritual film about a deceased doctor who travels to the hereafter and enters the world of the astral. Astral City is a strong afterlife region that has the capacity to change people’s lives. The film is spiritual and gives you a sense of what life is all about.

Into The Wild

In Into the Wild, Christopher McCandless embarks on a life-changing trip into the woods. This moving spiritual film will keep you awake late at night, making you wonder how someone could abandon all human ties and go live in the wilderness.


Inception is a science fiction film about accessing people’s dreams to steal information and influence them. It is far more realistic than science fiction, because you can modify reality by changing your views about it. This action-packed spiritual film is original and develops your consciousness. In this blockbuster, Leonardo DiCaprio portrays one of his most memorable roles in TV history.

Fight Club

Fight clubs are for spiritual seekers who aren’t afraid to stand out. The power of the Now is the same as Fight Club, but the means of achieving it is different. While some people attain it through mindfulness, others achieve it through fighting at the Fight Club. Apart from being spiritual, the film features a fantastic setting, screenplay, dialogues, and performers, making it one of the best films ever made.

The Final Thought

Well, besides spirituality, if you are someone who wants to watch something inspiring and something that will bring change as well as value to your life and perception, watch these films.