Thursday, 13 June, 2024

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Exclusive: Hai Taubba Storyline Revealed!

Exclusive: Hai Taubba Storyline Revealed!

Raise your hands if you enjoy ALTBalaji’s groundbreaking content every day. If you can’t get enough of their web series, we have something that you will most definitely love. Well, the makers have revealed their upcoming web series that is ready to leave a shiver down your spine. The recent series to join the ALTBalaji family is Hai Taubba, an anthology show about social taboos and their impact.

Taking to Instagram to share the news about Hai Taubba, ALTBalaji wrote, “Welcome to the duniya of #HaiTaubba! Yahan bina kisi ki parwa kiye, we slay social taboos!

HaiTaubba streaming 6th May on ALTBalaji

ALTBalaji’s Hai Taubba is a brilliant compilation of some of the brand new anthology stories. Each episode of the web series is ten times bolder than the previous one. So, brace yourselves as the show is about to raise the temperature with lots of oomph. Kya aap tayyar ho? We don’t know about you but we are most definitely ready for this one!!

The brand new web series, Hai Taubba will soon make a smashing entrance in the digital world with its unconventional episodes. These tales of each episode will keep you engrossed with a fresh story as well as leave a shiver down your spine. Come, let’s find out what it has in the store for all of you:


This episode of the anthology web series is a story of five characters. All of them naarate unfinished tales about their past relationships. This unconventional drama between Mansi, Kajori, Dhrubo, Ankit, and Mithila will take you by surprise with its stories of guilt, rejection, and other childhood traumas.

Goan Fish Thali

As quirky as the title sounds, this episode of the Hai Taubba web series is actually an interesting one. It is a story of a driver and a passenger which brilliantly highlights an unsaid bond. Trilok and Arjun’s tale will leave you surprised with its unexpected twists and turns until the very end.

Ek Weird Mulaquaat

Apne kurzi ki pethi kaskar band le. Kyunki ye episode aapke pairo taley zameen khishka dega. Animesh aur Mrs. Robinson ka ye romanchak kissa will raise the heat and leave you craving for more.

Aunty’s Kitchen

This episode from Hai Taubba will make you question your perception as it bursts myths about sexuality. Get ready to meet two best friends, Sonal and Deepa who will narrate their unique love story.

Uber Story

As we know, the concept of homosexuality and bisexuality is still alien to many. Well hey, that’s exactly why Amit, Nitin, and Pooja are here to address this issue. Their lives will make you change your opinion about love and help you willingly embrace the path of self-discovery. Dekh lena!

Ye Dil Zidhi Hai

This episode of the Hai Taubba web series is a perfect blend of love, friendship, and a web of lies. When Arjun accuses Trilok, he sets out on a mission to seek the truth. But on his path, he finds himself drawn to his dead best friend’s girlfriend.

Catch all these one-of-a-kind themes in the Hai Taubba web series exclusively on ALTBalaji. All you have to do is download ALTBalaji and pay 80 paisa every day to watch Hai Taubba online. It’s that simple. Hurry!