The Best Led Headlights #2017 For Your Car (CHEAP)

What’s up everybody ? I will let you know the best knowledge to buy the Best LED Headlights for your car and want to make a short little articles on HID headlights vs LED headlights and I’m going to give you my two cents and the knowledge. I have about headlights and hopefully help you guys out in choosing the right headlight for your car alright so we’re going to start with my truck right here and has LED headlights and then. We’re going to move over to my dad’s truck which has HID headlights. I’ll show you the differences and tell you at the end which one. I like most and that I prefer for your vehicle so this is my truck with the LED headlights as you can see they turn on right away as some of you might know. There is a warmup period for HIDs but for LEDs there’s full brightness right away at the click of button and another advantage of having LED headlights. Is that there is no ballast in HID headlights they require ballasts to run and if the ballast goes out you have no headlights, which is pretty frustrating if you’re trying to leave um late at night or trying to go somewhere at night and you have no headlights that’s pretty frustrating and um as you can see there’s a fan that’s another thing.

HID headlights vs LED headlights

I want to point out right there that red thing around the headlight and that’s to cool the LEDs off on they get hot and so do HIDs. But as, I’ll show you right over here and i have an example of an HID headlight. They don’t have a fan on them, so they get pretty hot and they do burn headlight housings as I’ve seen before um I have HIDs in my fog lights and they on the on this side over here they have melted my housings a little bit. I don’t know if you guys can see that all too well get a light on there as you can see in the very back it has started to melt my housing which is pretty scary and really stupid that HIDs don’t have a fan on them.I mean why I don’t know ? Why they wouldn’t have a fan they are they extremely bright but they get extremely hot so. I do think hid should have a fan so that is another advantage for the LED headlights alright so this is my dad’s truck with the HID headlights as you can see.

They take some time to get bright as you can see they’re kind of like a bluish color right now and you can hear that ticking. They make a really weird hissing noise, but they are still not full brightness you can see the white that light starts getting whiter and whiter. So, i will turn it back on continues get whiter and whiter which these ones are the same color as my headlights so they eventually will get to mine my color but they do take a while alright guys so another advantage to LED headlights is that they always turn on these are hid fog lights and there’s nothing wrong with these bulbs by the way they they turn on. I would say 75% of the time at the same or the same time and 25% of time this happens one doesn’t turn on and the other one does and with the LED system they plug in your stock wiring harness so that.

They have a real a pretty built in with the stock wiring harness and with HIDs. You have to hook that up separate to ensure that they both turn on they take a lot more juice as well if you’re planning on leaving your headlights on for a while to light up something. You’re working on HIDs will drain your battery if you do not have the vehicle started where as LEDs are extremely efficient and they do not you could run them for hours and your battery would.

Be fine which is another nice thing of LED headlights alright guys as you can see they are both on now all. I had to do was click the off button on the fog lights and then click back on and then they both turn on. But i’m going to go ahead and give the victory to LED headlights and encourage people that are thinking of upgrading headlights to switch to LEDs instead of HIDs and that is because of the first reason. I went over that they turn on immediately it takes no time for them to be bright so as soon as you turn on your vehicle they are on and they will stay on on the second reason is HIDs they do not always turn on like.

Simultaneously so you might have one out and you already know it and the third reason is because they HIDs overheat they do not have a fan built in like the LEDs. So they melt your housings the HIDs melt your housings and they just cause a lot of problems for your headlight housings and you’re not going to be found on the road without a headlight with LED headlights alright guys so that pretty much does it for the hid versus, LED headlight video. I just want to make a short comparison and my thoughts on both headlights um. I have had both in this truck and  found that LED headlights have lasted twice as long and have caused no problems no frustrations so. I think LED headlights are the right choice for your vehicle. I know what it was in mine. More than, I know they make different variations of LED headlights the brand that i have in there is called op7. I recommend that brand I’ve had LED bars and LED strips from them and also LEDs inside from them and they’ve never caused a problem for me. So i recommend that brand i know they have some other brands on you are on eBay. I haven’t experienced them or seen them in person so for LEDs. I’m going to recommend the op sevens also if you guys like this articles please stick around and follow for future articles and smack the share button it does help us a lot and encourages us to make more articles and put out concept for you guys and  hope we grow some more. Goodbye everyone, see you next the aritcles – good luck !

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  1. Thanks for your article, it helped me to have more knowledge about led headlight. I bought a cheap headlight led for my car. Good luck !

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