How To Take Care of a Frenchie ( French Bulldogs)

Hi everybody! I’m Lila sketches and this is how to take care of a French Bulldog when I first want to get a French Bulldog. I really wanted some sort of tutorial or post to follow to know how to take care of their weird features like their wrinkles the short nose the bat ears. I’ve learned a ton since having a French Bulldog for over a year now and I’d like to share it with you.  

Keep Them Cool

First of all, why I got a Frenchie there are small dogs their great apartment dogs. They have weird personalities. They’re these little weirdos and they are so adorable. They’re also very snuggly they’re always by your side. If you’re looking for a cuddle buddy. This breeze is perfect for you. A few things you need to know before you get a french bulldog, first of all, keep them cool.

So they have short notice and see how short her nose so looks at her profile meaning. They overheat faster so to keep Mabel cool. When we’re outside if she starts panting. We will give her water we will throw cold water on her. We’ll give her ice cube. It’s too hot outside. We don’t let her outside. If you want a daughter, you can go on a hike with French bulldogs are probably not the dog for you.

We’ve taken Mabel on hikes with us before and usually, she’ll walk for a little bit and then we put her in the back row back with her head popped out and carry her the rest of the way.

Clean Them Properly

How to clean your Frenchie? There’s a lot of parts to Mabel that we have to clean she has these big bat ears and they’re open all the time. There are all kinds of dust and junks getting into there. We use an ear cleaner put a few drops into the ear and you massage it like this for maybe a minute and then you let her shake it out and then you take cotton balls and clean all the junk out.

The next wrinkles so Mabel doesn’t have as many wrinkles as maybe an average Frenchie. Sometimes French cheese will get junk collecting in between these wrinkles. If you have a light-colored Frenchie. They can get tear stains and there are special products for that. The next thing we actively and on Mabel is something you probably haven’t heard of and probably wish that you never knew about French cheese has something called a tail pocket.

French bulldogs are born with these little tails. They’re not clipped. They’re born like that but on some French bulldogs their tails grow directly into their but basically and there’s a space in there you have to clean it. This is weird. I’m trying to explain it. Mabel’s tail looks like this cute little corkscrew and it is tight against her skin but you can lift it and underneath. There is an area you have to make sure you clean.

It’s not her butthole. It’s all above her bubble since the tail is tight against it. Bacteria can get under there it gets moist under there. They can break out in a rash under there which navel has before so you have to make sure to keep that clean. The next thing we do for Mabel gives her eyedrops Mabel gets eyedrops in the morning and at night they keep her eyes healthy and they keep debris out it washes the debris out.

The next thing we do with Mabel gives her bath we use a special shampoo that we got from the vet. Which is good for Mabel’s sensitive skin many Frenchie’s have sensitive skin Mabel has experienced some rashes on her stomach before just from rolling around in grass the shampoo really helps with that also when you bathe your Frenchie make sure to put cotton balls inside of their ears.

Since their ears are so open water can get into there and that can cause an infection.

Get them a Harness

My next topic gets your Frenchie a harness. French Bulldogs have a very particular shape French Bulldogs have big heads big fronts of their bodies and then small back legs and small back to their bodies harnesses help them a lot to pull in the right place. When you’re walking near Frenchie and they try to pull you. They’re not going to choke themselves.

They Can’t Swim

My next topic is careful around water Frenchie’s, for the most part, cannot swim. Because of the shape of their body. They’re very top-heavy. They pretty much will sink. There are some exceptions some French Bulldogs can actually swim on their own. Mabel is not one of those dogs. They do make life jackets for dogs. So you can get one for your Frenchie if you want to bring them swimming.

Feed Them Good Food

Feed your French bulldogs really good food. You want to keep them healthy may by Mabel a super healthy natural type of dog food from Petco. There’s no grain in there because dogs aren’t made to digest grain. Mabel’s a favorite snack is carrots and I think it is the best dog food for french bulldogs.

They are Clingy

My next topic Frenchie’s our clingy. They always want to be at your side. If I’m in a certain room Mayville always follows me into that room. If I go into the bathroom Mabel will sit at the door and whine until I come out. They’re just very loving and they want to be neither human at all time. Let them love you bring them with you. I actually bring Mabel to work with me every day.

I know that’s not possible for everyone. If you’re going out to eat. There’s a lot of places where you can sit outside and they allow you to bring dogs, especially in Los Angeles. If you’re planning on getting a dog that you can just kind of leave at home all day and come check up on for a couple hours. French bulldogs are probably not the ones for you in fact dogs are probably not a good thing for you.

If you want to know more information to care your French Bulldog, you can watch the video below to reference:

I hope this is helpful for me to know if you have any further questions about having a French Bulldog, then take the comments in my blog. Thank you for reading and please follow me.

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