IWB Holster Review: M&P Shield #9mm Concealment Express

Hey, guys, it’s Mike.Today again with another review for today and this review is a brand new holster that just picked up from concealment Express. He or she is right here now this holster is for my Smith and Wesson M&P; shield in nine-millimeter and which be considered the best kydex iwb holster . I have a variety of holsters for this thing and I’ll probably do a review on those to give you guys an idea of maybe some of the choices. You have for holsters for the market for in the waistband outside the waistband maybe pocket carry. Whatever you prefer so stay tuned for that? But today I just want to do a short review on this new holster.

M&P Shield 9mm – Concealment Express

I picked up from concealment Express and is in iwb in the waistband holster excellent quality for the price. You can get this for around twenty-five to forty dollars depending on color and the different styles. You’d like you can get them on eBay as well as Amazon. I pick this up for. I believe 28 or 29 dollars on eBay recently was on sale free shipping no tax course on eBay, which is nice.

This actually is crammed full of features which is really nice you can get some cheaper Kydex holsters. But this one comes with adjustable retention as well as adjustable. Can’t now this cant is adjustable from 0 to 15 degrees right now is on full 15 degrees, can’t for kind of a 5 o’clock position holster carry right behind your smaller back there. Now you can swivel it down. What I’ll show you guys how to do? Actually, I’m seeing to me reviews do that. So I’ll show you how that works?

Here’s a little factory dissolve that came with the holster there was a little bag whole piece of paper from concealment Express. You can see that you know typical Kydex holster pops in and out with ease it does have actually loosened the tension up. Because it’s actually pretty stiff before and depends on how much you want it to go? I mean right now and it’s a little loose.

But you can go and lock down even tighter and this thing would never follow up even loose. You really don’t have a problem falling out so just in case. You’re wondering about that has all the features of the firearm on the left side here. You can see, it’s pretty smooth though. It’s not terrible and I will show you guys what it looks like on and a little bit to give you guys an idea of comfort level have been carrying this.

Now for a little while and when I don’t carry this say if I’m doing a short jaunt to the grocery store or something. I’ll throw on put in my pocket this LCP to here check out that review. If you haven’t checked out yet this one’s hot and I do have a severe bag for it. So you can carry some extra ammo with you hasn’t this whole show has a nice blog for your sights. You can see there’s no chance of having any sights get caught up with taking the firearm out as well as holstering it back in and when she’s there.

You’ll see that it does cover the trigger guard completely no problem with fit is perfect trigger cannot be accessed. The magazine release can be accessed what is pretty tight up to the frame of this part of the whole story. So you really don’t have too much of a problem hitting that by accident. It’s actually kind of weasel way around the holster and push it down this is the screw right here.

It actually has you have a flat head side right here. You can hold your hand you really don’t need a flathead screwdriver take a regular screwdriver here on the Phillip side and loosen the tension up we can tighten it down and it down the little way things a little more stiff to get out clicks a lot louder. A lot more prominent tend it owning it and to have to hard. But don’t get it too tight there you go. Before I take it apart let me show you guys the weight in case.

Some of my Advice to you

You are worried about weight with this first like an alien holster or a fox holster or something with a leather backing this thing is only 2.5 ounces with everything on it which is really nice 2.5. So what you do is take your Phillips? Here hold the backside with like a thumb unscrew that comes off really easily the first time. You get it it’s a little locked down pretty tight but you can pretty much just take them off there have a couple little rubber gasket rings here these back pieces come out there just little screw heads to thread them in.

You go this is what it looks like in the back here. You’ll see there’s a main swivel hole here and then this right here is an oval shape and it goes from zero Degree can all the way down a 15-degree cant and that changes. How this looks and how you want to carry? It preferably 15 full can’t is probably what you want for five o’clock position. If you want to appendix carry a lot of people four zero can’t is their degrees right there so limp it this back together and spin the cam around.

I’ll show you guys what it looks like on and let you know a little bit about comfort levels stay tuned alright. so You think my caring appendix may behind the back five o’clock position. They have it having scary appendix carry 0 degrees. Can’t you’ll notice that it was a 15 year? You can’t the group of the gonna be stabbing and if you got. If you’re sitting down or anything like that.

But appendix this works really well. It’s not going anywhere the clip holds on tight to the belt. You can actually take it off. I can do it there you go take it off real quick throw the glove box or whatever. You want to do clip it on real well real quick and you’re in business. So let me go and just camp back to 15 degrees and what I’ll do it?

I’ll show you a little thing behind the back take a look alright so like I said 15 degrees can’t behind the back right there pull it up just fine. We holster fits well feels great all the actual contours on the back of the holster itself really don’t cut in and all or I think that. So it kind of feels just as good as one of the foxhole stirrers or what you have reviewed in the past on the alien gears will go with the leather pad on the side feels great by the way is empty.

If you want more information about M&P Shield 9mm, you can watch the video below:

But doesn’t really morrow up the finish at all. It’s kayak so you should be able to holster reholster without kind of issues with it marring up the finish. But got to say concealment Express real nice holsters for the price can’t beat it just grab and go make sure. You can carry a lot more which is important. So if you ever you know, if you just need a holster get one of these hopefully promote. You to carry a lot more as much as you can. So well hey thanks for reading and share this post or my blog. Goodbye!

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