Guide Buy And Review : The Best Tap Shoes & Comparing All Of My Shoes

Hey everybody ! It’s TheDukes here. In my apartment in Manhattan and as per request. I’m actually gonna do best tap shoes guide buy and review for you today. But instead of doing one brand at a time like. I’ve done for you. I’m gonna sort of compare all of the brands in front of you right now.


You know I’ve given you so much information about each type of shoe, but I think really seeing them next to each other figuring out which ones way more seeing. You know the different shapes of them next, which either might be really helpful to you when you are deciding what brand to get I’ve gotten so many questions from you. Guys on emails and things like that with individual questions about what brands.

I prefer so, I’m gonna just do my best to give you sort of a side by side comparison of all the shoes. That I have now. I don’t have every professional brand. But the ones I have enough that I think you at least can get an idea between these so the first one. I’m gonna show you is Villa dukkha. I’ve talked about this and how I don’t think it’s particularly supportive and here’s my example of that see how it just totally totally can almost bend in half. I’ve had him a long time so obviously they don’t start that flexible.

But they can get that way pretty fast and what I heard recently is that.You can actually have your own ladoo cos built up, which I didn’t know and the person who got these made didn’t do that. So, there is a possibility that you could have a great LaDuke Eshoo. If you add a build on them and one of my adult students actually told me that she see how there’s this little like neoprene spot here she told me that she actually asked them to do it.

Without, that so that there wasn’t as much give and it was a little more supportivel. So, I have not tried that but that is something. I was told “I wanted to relay that information to you”. So, I wanted to sort of show you this and then show you.

Comparing All Of My Shoes

Another shoe this is my Miller and Ben’s Sport tab see. It only goes this far it’s like a much much stronger shoe. So now, that I’ve had these ones for a little, while I can tell you that I’ve been wearing them every day. I really like them a lot the only new thing that I have is that the actual hole is sort of pulling out of the leather so there’s like an extra like spot open right here.In the leather, when I tie them tight and I think that is because I have such a narrow heel that.

In order to get the shoe to feel snug. I have to like secure it so tight. So, I’m probably tying that’s tighter than it’s meant to go. So, that is most likely my own fault, but just beware if you have a narrow heel. That is something. That might happen to these. They’re supportive and they’re not particularly heavy. Now, let me see if I can compare these to the Jason Sam.

You’ll smith black shoe so this shoe is much heavier weight wise on my hand. But, it’s less expensive and as you can see the heel on the J Sam is slightly higher than the sport temp. I don’t know if you guys can see that and it looks like the build on the sport tap in the front is a little bit higher than the jason samuel Smith shoe. So, now I’m gonna compare this to the weight of luckup easy.

Okay 360 so here’s my cap easy. Okay 360 it’s lighter so I will say out of my flat the the Jason block shoe is definitely has the most weight on. It it’s similar and it’s just there’s a little bit more weight on this guy and if you compare these. They’re pretty similar in the way. They’re built it looks like the heel on the black shoe goes a little bit higher and I was say the inside of the blocks you definitely lasts longer than the inside of these they always start kind of ripping and pulling after a little while and the toe.

That’s interesting it looks like the tap on the Capezio actually goes up a little bit at the end and it actually looks like on this shoe. It doesn’t do that as much do you see the difference how this one kind of scoops up and this one stays a little bit flatter on the bottom so that’s kind of a comparison between those. Now, I’m gonna show you my regular K 360 versus,. My K 360 boot so I’m trying to grab all these shoes, which is considered the best tap shoes for dancing 2017.

So what I will tell you that’s really interesting is even though ? This is a boot it doesn’t really have any more weight on it than this one. So, it’s that out of the added fabric up there is a really light weight and I am just I was expecting to feel more weight on this one. More than,I actually don’t so that’s kind of nice to know about these guys as you can see these are the same brand and they’re the same shoe.

So, I just wanted you to be able to see where the shoe cuts off versus how high the boot goes in comparison one more thing I’m going to compare for you is the Miller and Ben versus the K 360. Because I’ve had some people ask between those two so in this case the Miller and Ben has more weight on it than the K through 60. I’m learning and you can see it’s just a little bit of a like thicker shoe.

If you want to know more about K 360, you can watch the video below :

It also looks like at the toe. It goes up even more than the K which goes up even more than the block. So, I guess it really depends on your foot shape and what you prefer as a tap dancer. Whether, you like your toe to be flat to the ground or whether, you like there’d be some cushion before your toget that might be something to play around with it looks like the yeah.

Even though, this one curves up more it also looks like though. It’s a little bit closer to the ground when you really look how they’re built so the actual build itself on these is a little bit thicker than on these so these are all just things to kind of take into consideration when you’re thinking of buying a professional shoe and I hope you guys found this helpful and I will see you in our next articles so thanks for reading ! Please follow TheDukes.

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