Guide Buy: The Best Hoverbroad 2017

What magnets and welcome to my review of the Beamie Hoverboards, which is considered the Best Hoverboard For Kids. How about the still thing? And beanie release wants the best a tin shower board as tested so far like a Segway. You can control the hoverboard by shifting your weight first. It’s a bit hard but once you got the hang. It’s super easy because the hoverboard has sensors inside which keep you straight up. I’ve got the black version of the solid boards but by the way.

Overview about Beamie Hoverboards

There’s a link above paragraph. Where you can check out more models this 8-inch hoverboard is pretty durable and weighs around 11 kilograms. There are two motors inside of a total power of 700 watts. So you can even drive pills with 30% grade and the 4400 M age 36-volt battery lasts up to 20 kilometers depending on the temperatures outside and your weight talking about the weight 120 kilograms is the limit.

They have a ball is made out of durable plastic and they also claim that fire assistance at least to some point and although the battery in the is me is a high-quality LG battery. The chassis looks really good the shiny black plastic body and the LEDs. Which light up when you drive with definite eye catches at the top we have LEDs and at the bottom. There is the charging port the hoverboard comes in a huge box of the user manual the power supply.

Some rubber bumpers those are needed to avoid scratches when you fall off your hoverboard a pocket. Unfortunately, you have to glue them on your own to the body and there is no glue included. So I used some two-component to fix them on the body, but before you start doing denim make sure that the surface is completely clean otherwise. It will fall off after some time included power supply can charge the hoverboard from zero to hundred percent in around two to three hours and has a status of early.

But no worries guys, this is no cheap Chinese Cheng and it’s totally safe all that certified and tested in Germany. So you can be sure that this how aboard has high quality and they even included an overcharge protection and an NTC temperature control so your battery won’t catch fire the beanie has two stereo speakers that talk to you. If you reach a maximum speed it really feels kind of futuristic when the hell God says maximum speed reach door.

Tips on using Beanie Hoverboards

Please connect to your smartphone of such things. So you can also connect your smartphone or Bluetooth and stream your music and control. You have about settings and all the check important things like it battery status and reach and some statistics the app works with iOS and Android. It’s really easy to use in here you can control many things like over your speed limit sensitivity the driving force and more.

So if you’re a beginner you should probably reduce the speed and local driving force and sensitivity in general and we are just set it to things where you feel comfortable – another interesting feature is the self-test. Which you can start in the app the hoverboard will and start to check all the sensors and calibrate them as needed the maximum speed is 15 km/h which maybe sounds less than some Chinese ports, which say it presents 20.

But trust me, that’s really fast and most of the cheap hoverboards don’t reach that speed anyway. Although we have a newly invented axis which keeps the daemon more stable and track and feel smoother by driving the hoverboard also has a tilt francium sign that means if you lean too much forward and you go too fast the hovering ball will start tilting back and reduce the speed. But well this honestly felt strange and somehow it felt like it would kick me off.

Because I’m coming from a cheap Chinese how about before driving the whole board feels in general super awesome and to their responses way more responsive than my old hoverboard. Which makes turns and rotations much more fun driving uphill as I told you is no problem the motors are really strong enough to reach is around 15 kilometers from my weight of around 97 kilograms.

But only if it’s not too cold outside the maximum speed of 15 kilometers per hour is definitely more than you will need and also if you’re not so experienced please always wear a helmet and all. I can just say the be me how aboard is the far the best and most techy how about? I’ve tested the price of around 700 euros is real. But well they also checked and tested in Germany, which is quite expensive and do you have some cool features like Bluetooth and the app and all that.

If you want to know more Beamie Hoverboards, you can watch the video below to reference:

But all that for your safety alright guys in the next post I’ll tell you what happened to the hoverboards and there will also be a comparison between our electric skateboard and the beanie hoverboard. So please like this post if it was helpful to follow me and leave a comment down below what you think about hoverboards? I’m Steven from tech magnet and that was beanie how boring? Thanks for reading and goodbye.

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