The Best Led Headlights #2017 For Your Car (CHEAP)

What’s up everybody ? I will let you know the best knowledge to buy the Best LED Headlights for your car and want to make a short little articles on HID headlights vs LED headlights and I’m going to give you my two cents and the knowledge. I have about headlights and hopefully help you guys out in choosing the right headlight for your car alright so we’re going to start with my truck right here and has LED headlights and then. We’re going to move over to my dad’s truck which has HID headlights. I’ll show you the differences and tell you at the end which one. I like most and that I prefer for your vehicle so this is my truck with the LED headlights as you can see they turn on right away as some of you might know. There is a warmup period for HIDs but for LEDs there’s full brightness right away at the click of button and another advantage of having LED headlights. Is that there is no ballast in HID headlights they require ballasts to run and if the ballast goes out you have no headlights, which is pretty frustrating if you’re trying to leave um late at night or trying to go somewhere at night and you have no headlights that’s pretty frustrating and um as you can see there’s a fan that’s another thing.

HID headlights vs LED headlights

I want to point out right there that red thing around the headlight and that’s to cool the LEDs off on they get hot and so do HIDs. But as, I’ll show you right over here and i have an example of an HID headlight. They don’t have a fan on them, so they get pretty hot and they do burn headlight housings as I’ve seen before um I have HIDs in my fog lights and they on the on this side over here they have melted my housings a little bit. I don’t know if you guys can see that all too well get a light on there as you can see in the very back it has started to melt my housing which is pretty scary and really stupid that HIDs don’t have a fan on them.I mean why I don’t know ? Why they wouldn’t have a fan they are they extremely bright but they get extremely hot so. I do think hid should have a fan so that is another advantage for the LED headlights alright so this is my dad’s truck with the HID headlights as you can see.

They take some time to get bright as you can see they’re kind of like a bluish color right now and you can hear that ticking. They make a really weird hissing noise, but they are still not full brightness you can see the white that light starts getting whiter and whiter. So, i will turn it back on continues get whiter and whiter which these ones are the same color as my headlights so they eventually will get to mine my color but they do take a while alright guys so another advantage to LED headlights is that they always turn on these are hid fog lights and there’s nothing wrong with these bulbs by the way they they turn on. I would say 75% of the time at the same or the same time and 25% of time this happens one doesn’t turn on and the other one does and with the LED system they plug in your stock wiring harness so that.

They have a real a pretty built in with the stock wiring harness and with HIDs. You have to hook that up separate to ensure that they both turn on they take a lot more juice as well if you’re planning on leaving your headlights on for a while to light up something. You’re working on HIDs will drain your battery if you do not have the vehicle started where as LEDs are extremely efficient and they do not you could run them for hours and your battery would.

Be fine which is another nice thing of LED headlights alright guys as you can see they are both on now all. I had to do was click the off button on the fog lights and then click back on and then they both turn on. But i’m going to go ahead and give the victory to LED headlights and encourage people that are thinking of upgrading headlights to switch to LEDs instead of HIDs and that is because of the first reason. I went over that they turn on immediately it takes no time for them to be bright so as soon as you turn on your vehicle they are on and they will stay on on the second reason is HIDs they do not always turn on like.

Simultaneously so you might have one out and you already know it and the third reason is because they HIDs overheat they do not have a fan built in like the LEDs. So they melt your housings the HIDs melt your housings and they just cause a lot of problems for your headlight housings and you’re not going to be found on the road without a headlight with LED headlights alright guys so that pretty much does it for the hid versus, LED headlight video. I just want to make a short comparison and my thoughts on both headlights um. I have had both in this truck and  found that LED headlights have lasted twice as long and have caused no problems no frustrations so. I think LED headlights are the right choice for your vehicle. I know what it was in mine. More than, I know they make different variations of LED headlights the brand that i have in there is called op7. I recommend that brand I’ve had LED bars and LED strips from them and also LEDs inside from them and they’ve never caused a problem for me. So i recommend that brand i know they have some other brands on you are on eBay. I haven’t experienced them or seen them in person so for LEDs. I’m going to recommend the op sevens also if you guys share this articles please stick around and follow for future articles and smack the share button it does help us a lot and encourages us to make more articles and put out concept for you guys and  hope we grow some more. Goodbye everyone, see you next the aritcles – good luck !


Hey everybody ! It’s TheDukes here. In my apartment in Manhattan and as per request. I’m actually gonna do best tap shoes guide buy and review for you today. But instead of doing one brand at a time like. I’ve done for you. I’m gonna sort of compare all of the brands in front of you right now.


You know I’ve given you so much information about each type of shoe, but I think really seeing them next to each other figuring out which ones way more seeing. You know the different shapes of them next, which either might be really helpful to you when you are deciding what brand to get I’ve gotten so many questions from you. Guys on emails and things like that with individual questions about what brands.

I prefer so, I’m gonna just do my best to give you sort of a side by side comparison of all the shoes. That I have now. I don’t have every professional brand. But the ones I have enough that I think you at least can get an idea between these so the first one. I’m gonna show you is Villa dukkha. I’ve talked about this and how I don’t think it’s particularly supportive and here’s my example of that see how it just totally totally can almost bend in half. I’ve had him a long time so obviously they don’t start that flexible.

But they can get that way pretty fast and what I heard recently is that.You can actually have your own ladoo cos built up, which I didn’t know and the person who got these made didn’t do that. So, there is a possibility that you could have a great LaDuke Eshoo. If you add a build on them and one of my adult students actually told me that she see how there’s this little like neoprene spot here she told me that she actually asked them to do it.

Without, that so that there wasn’t as much give and it was a little more supportivel. So, I have not tried that but that is something. I was told “I wanted to relay that information to you”. So, I wanted to sort of show you this and then show you.

Comparing All Of My Shoes

Another shoe this is my Miller and Ben’s Sport tab see. It only goes this far it’s like a much much stronger shoe. So now, that I’ve had these ones for a little, while I can tell you that I’ve been wearing them every day. I really like them a lot the only new thing that I have is that the actual hole is sort of pulling out of the leather so there’s like an extra like spot open right here.In the leather, when I tie them tight and I think that is because I have such a narrow heel that.

In order to get the shoe to feel snug. I have to like secure it so tight. So, I’m probably tying that’s tighter than it’s meant to go. So, that is most likely my own fault, but just beware if you have a narrow heel. That is something. That might happen to these. They’re supportive and they’re not particularly heavy. Now, let me see if I can compare these to the Jason Sam.

You’ll smith black shoe so this shoe is much heavier weight wise on my hand. But, it’s less expensive and as you can see the heel on the J Sam is slightly higher than the sport temp. I don’t know if you guys can see that and it looks like the build on the sport tap in the front is a little bit higher than the jason samuel Smith shoe. So, now I’m gonna compare this to the weight of luckup easy.

Okay 360 so here’s my cap easy. Okay 360 it’s lighter so I will say out of my flat the the Jason block shoe is definitely has the most weight on. It it’s similar and it’s just there’s a little bit more weight on this guy and if you compare these. They’re pretty similar in the way. They’re built it looks like the heel on the black shoe goes a little bit higher and I was say the inside of the blocks you definitely lasts longer than the inside of these they always start kind of ripping and pulling after a little while and the toe.

That’s interesting it looks like the tap on the Capezio actually goes up a little bit at the end and it actually looks like on this shoe. It doesn’t do that as much do you see the difference how this one kind of scoops up and this one stays a little bit flatter on the bottom so that’s kind of a comparison between those. Now, I’m gonna show you my regular K 360 versus,. My K 360 boot so I’m trying to grab all these shoes, which is considered the best tap shoes for dancing 2017.

So what I will tell you that’s really interesting is even though ? This is a boot it doesn’t really have any more weight on it than this one. So, it’s that out of the added fabric up there is a really light weight and I am just I was expecting to feel more weight on this one. More than,I actually don’t so that’s kind of nice to know about these guys as you can see these are the same brand and they’re the same shoe.

So, I just wanted you to be able to see where the shoe cuts off versus how high the boot goes in comparison one more thing I’m going to compare for you is the Miller and Ben versus the K 360. Because I’ve had some people ask between those two so in this case the Miller and Ben has more weight on it than the K through 60. I’m learning and you can see it’s just a little bit of a like thicker shoe.

If you want to know more about K 360, you can watch the video below :

It also looks like at the toe. It goes up even more than the K which goes up even more than the block. So, I guess it really depends on your foot shape and what you prefer as a tap dancer. Whether, you like your toe to be flat to the ground or whether, you like there’d be some cushion before your toget that might be something to play around with it looks like the yeah.

Even though, this one curves up more it also looks like though. It’s a little bit closer to the ground when you really look how they’re built so the actual build itself on these is a little bit thicker than on these so these are all just things to kind of take into consideration when you’re thinking of buying a professional shoe and I hope you guys found this helpful and I will see you in our next articles so thanks for reading ! Please follow TheDukes.

Hey everybody ! Plantar fasciitis orthotics for the itis or plantar fasciitis is the degenerative part, which we’ll talk about in other videos and kind of discuss more as far as but the what the etiology is of a nidus vs gnosis and really how we should treat plantar fasciitis because of the itis for the OSIS. But well like I said we’ll talk about that in future segments today let’s talk about onyx for fun emphasis call it plantar fasciitis.

Plantar fasciitis foot orthotics

For now, because that’s what most people call it so in a sense with orthotics with plantar fasciitis as a presentation. We’re trying to unload the fossa. We’re trying to do something by mechanically to prevent that posture from stretching. Okay, what that essentially means  is that ?  If you’re walking and you’re doing this the faja is right down through here Roger goes from the inside part of your heel and goes in five little slips right to each toe.

It’s like this broad band of connective tissue on the bottom of your foot the more. You walk the more you strain it the more. You don’t control your biomechanics the more likely, it is that this fashion can tear and that’s what starts the itis and the scar tissue. You know forms to heal the injured tissue depending on how the scar tissue forms and heels determines. Whether it’s a functional sky or a non-functional scarf and that brings in the whole OSIS debate being a degenerative problem osis is the generation of tissue.

So, but regardless of that but there’s a nidus or no cecile treated the same way with the fox. We’re trying to take some of the strain off the Pasha. So, if you’re walking and this is bowing down you can see. I’m stressing that fashion Bosh is connected from here down to there. So, I’m making it Bo. So, I need something that’s going to hold it up over here.

Okay that’s number one number two from behind. We can actually you know make a post to try to rotate that heel off to the side to in a sense do the same thing the research is a kind of a little bit vague not not too specific. Whether, this actually does do a lot for the facher or whether it doesn’t. But a lot of cases we attempt it and it does well for people some. They do just a neutral here.

Where it’s nice and flat and we get you know just as good a result. Okay what research does tell us ? This is counterintuitive to some things somewhat i twist doing some therapists do is that we post the orthotic meaning. We keep the orthotic thicker on the outside and then we skype it and we knit down. So, it’s thinner towards the big toe. Okay fine a lot of therapists do is they load it in the opposite direction.

You have a flat foot that’s rolling in so they really try to build this up. So, it’s higher here than over here for plantar fasciitis. That’s not the best thing to do because research tells us that by having this higher than the outside it actually loads the Pasha more and causes more pain. So, if you’re athanas. Because the way your therapist or your orthotist or podiatrist made it. That’s not the best way to treat plantar fasciitis based upon the evidence that’s out there.

What is the best way to treat plantar fasciitis ?

Okay so it’s just the opposite. We’re trying to in a sense keep this higher over here and keep the big toe lower relative to it. Okay, we call that a valgus post or a lateral post versus a medial post or various post is something that does more like this keeps it big toe higher okay. So, that’s the mechanics of how we would treat it. More than, you look out of your thoughts then we make.

Let’s talk about the first thing you talked about the whole idea good. You got the foot on the orthotic. We’re trying to hug that without a cup to the the mid part of the foot to the navicular, so the dick ulor bone doesn’t drop okay with this one. We actually did angle it about five degrees in the back for somebody was over pronated. Who’s  flat-footed and then we’ll be doing the front this is gonna be little bit tougher to see okay is that we keep this lower relative to this over here and then we can see that on the bottom here.

But, I flip this over you can see what I’ve done here so  I really ? I’ve kept it thick over here and I’ve skype dit and thinned it down through here. So if you really think about this from a biomechanical standpoint. I guess really almost all most common sense standpoint. If you  pick this side up okay pick this side up and let the it the let the first metatarsal go down. You’re actually.

It’s almost like, you’re slackening the tissue okay the whole idea of of this dropping the big toe drop beneath the level of the the platform in Amman here and actually in a sense brings this metatarsal head closer to the heel. If we do this yop sit and raise this up higher. So, this whole foot raises up and we do a post this way. It’s almost like you’re stretching that fasha a little bit more ok.

But like I said the evidence definitely plays out to the fact that the post that we did here takes the pressure off that fasha ok and that some work that was done by them by kogler and in his group so and as far as another option. You can actually go with more of a of a neutral heel over here. And then what I did over here just as another option ? You can actually do a post between two and five so some people have like an issue with their first metatarsal joint ok degeneration or a spur or whatever it just hurts ok ?

So what I do is ? I keep this a little bit thicker you see that a little bit thicker here relative to their. So, I’m still you know keeping that big toe lower than the second toe. But, I’m just not doing as much of that Doug esposa. I did with the with the other one ok and then lastly some people do fine, without anything fancy and they want something that softer against the heel. So, we go with the softer material p cell that’s you know a lighter durometer phone ?

Some products help you fight the pain caused by plantar fasciitis and you can watch the video below :

That’s softer go out the middle air of a poor on which is no material that doesn’t bottom out and never never thins down then go with a nice heel pad and inside here. What I do is ? I grind down the the top cover that a mold to the to the foot and put another layer of this stuff so to really soft through here and then same thing. You’ll hug it up against the mid-foot and not much you know none of the posting that we did in the other two over there so of course what I do is dictated by what the patient’s tried before what kind of shoes.

They have how sensitive their feet are you know how much they weigh how you know how said interior active. They are so there’s a lot of things that factor into this. But, this at least gives you a couple options for what I do in the clinic so and that’s it for orthotics for plantar fasciitis. Please follow TheDukes and Goodbye !

Hello Everybody ! It’s Mike. Today, i want to help you choose the most comfortable work boots for men. Are you ready ?

What is the Most Comfortable Work Boots For Men ?

The Redwing iron Rangers model #8111. This example in amber harness leather is well-regarded in heritage boot circles as being one of the icons of the new heritage boot movement and this is in part due to. Its impressive specifications and build quality but even more than that it has a fascinating design story. That is frankly quite unexpected and in this articles beyond going through the mere technical specifications of this boot will be explaining the full heritage perspective and modern perspective that this boot brings in.

It’s origins design ideas manufacturing process and final execution lastly in light of the considerations made about this model in particular. I’ll speak more broadly about the authenticity of the heritage imagine the radiance of the aurora borealis the Northern Lights. The cold air on your face before you descended into darkness the Mesabi Iron Range in northern Minnesota discovered in 1866.

This is the largest iron ore deposit in the USA and it’s dangerous work of mining became a booming prospect at the turn of the 20th century in northern Minnesota. The mineral deposits led to perilous back-breaking efforts to expand the mining industry in the Midwest. The iron ranger namesake depicts a rugged tough lifestyle. A lifestyle which nevertheless gave rise to a meaningful sense of solidarity amongst the miners and enabled them to work collectively for justice and for a more dignified work environment.

So, it would seem that the Red Wing iron Rangers have a lot to live up to considering their namesake .There are a number of distinctive aspects of the construction of the boot that are particularly robust most notably. We had the quadruple stitched double layer toe cap. This is also certainly an important stylistic aspect of the shoe secondly. We have an exterior heel pocket which means that there’s more leather use to help shape the exterior of the boot. The overall feeling of the boot is that ?

There’s just a lot of high-quality leather use throughout the entire construction of the boot. Although the rich oil tan amber harness leather is perhaps one of the softer leathers in the Iron Range Line. It nevertheless did take a bit of breaking in for me to find these boots to be truly comfortable around my ankles. They are also a heavier boot, which I’ll be getting into more detail about in a little bit.

But this is probably thanks partially to the dense nitrile cork outsole and the use of a steel shank in the boot. Now, this does have traditional Goodyear ? Well construction and in all of my other Redwing articles. I’ve explained with this construction method is ? It’s very ubiquitous for this traditional style of boot and so I’m not going to explain it fully here. But what’s important is that the combination of the oh dear welt and the hammered soul is going to enable.

Review :  Red Wing Iron Ranger 6″ Heritage Boots #8111 USA Made

This shoe to be wreak rafted as is necessary as is common place with these heritage boots. We have a leather lined cork filled insert on the inside of the shoe which is going to enable the shoe to be broken in very well. Now, I have found that the exterior heel pocket doesn’t seem to really add really to the construction as you can see here on the inside tape. We have all the essential information about this model. I am wearing an 11 1/2 which is just about a half-size down.

My normal size which is typical for Red Wings. I went with a normal width with this size boot you can see there. That there’s two separate pieces of leather one for the heel cup and then the remaining piece of the foot bed is also a separate piece of leather the stitching doesn’t really make the boot any more comfortable than say a pair of red wing 875 s with a inner heel cup.

But it is a nicely integrated feature which just shows. How much leather is being used for the heel cup in this particular model ? Here we have an excellent cross section from the blog blind bully which does an excellent job reviewing boots and they have a great written review of the iron rangers notice. However, that the vamp is made of cloth which in my opinion is probably a cost-cutting measure in this boot.

Unfortunately, we do have a fully gusseted tongue which means that debris is going to be kept out as well as enhance. Waterproofing is going to be possible with the right uses of waxes or other kinds of agents in these boots and the leather on these boots in particular seems to be of a thinner type than the rest of the leather compared to some of the mock tobits.

That I’ve had but it seems to work just fine as far as containing the foot more securely and keeping items out lacing the boots up is a quick and comfortable affair. Thanks to a combination of pilots as well as a quick speed hook style eyelet for the upper portion of the boot and in the iron.

Ranger boots they come with a thinner style of to lace. Which is easy to double knot and easy to tie and hides easily under a cuffed pant my experience of these boots on the feet is that they have all of the kind of traditional comfortable elements of leather boots that in some ways. You have to earn and you have to break these boots in the leather is thick and supple.

But, it’s very high quality. So, it’s going to conform to the shape of your feet. That’s true of every part of the leather not just the upper also the insole. The cork filling is going to mean that the bottom of the shoes. Even though, they’re not supportive are going to conform to give the shape of your feet in a way that is very unique.

I have found that the nitrile cork outsole, which is a combination of cork and rubber although primarily feels like a rubber outsole is fairly slick and fairly dense compared to the traction tread outsole on for example these red wing 80 138. Which are a similar style of leather maybe with a slightly more textured a more reddish leather and has the famous traction treaded sole and mock toe style of the red wing 877 s or the red wing 875 s, which were introduced in 1953.

There’s also a noticeable weight difference between the two styles. It’s probably thanks in part to the steel shank in the iron Rangers. I do intend to make a second post going into greater depth about the differences of the cap toe design of the iron Rangers and the mock toe design of other. Red Wing boots in this case the red wing 81 38, but I think it’s suffice to say that I do find the 81 38 more comfortable and less formal.

I find that the outsole on the 81 38 is a little more forgiving and just the shape of the Mokpo design tends to conform to the foot somewhat more naturally. But, it’s certainly true that the iron range of style and its cap toe design is maybe more traditional more common play style and definitely more formal and probably also more versatile. You might imagine these beautiful usa-made boots with leather from aus Henry by Redwing utilizing.

A heritage stitching style and much-beloved construction throughout the boot highlighted especially by the goodyear welt that such a fellow designed. These boots would be some hoary old man some Minnesotan with generations of connections to Red Wings heritage style and design. If you initially assume this like me. You couldn’t actually be more wrong.

Because the Red Wing iron Rangers was designed by a Japanese designer working now for red wing named Akeno boo Iwasaki interestingly and which is considered the most comfortable work boots for men. Red Wings heritage division was officially created in 2005 and these heritage designs, which are largely revived or re-inspired designs have been a huge success in Japan in an excellent article in the Minneapolis st. Paul magazine.

He describes himself as an archaeologist for Red Wing and apparently his expertise enabled him to find a design from 1910 similar to the iron Ranger and yet his design expertise enabled him to basically introduce the new iron Ranger design in 2009. I’ve got to say my hats off to the guy for taking a idea from an old catalogue and creating an entirely new boot design, which is so successful the American boot industry has a tremendous legacy.

But, unfortunately it’s been steadily on the decline for decades for example in 1968. There was two hundred and thirty three thousand workers in the boot industry but now in 2014 we only have thirteen thousand nine hundred at least according to one source that. I found perhaps for some heritage booths and heritage apparel in general is an attempt to reach some long-lost nostalgic era, when the world was more real.

But for me the intrinsic quality of these boots and the real skill and effort and industry that went into these boots is an authenticity in its own right. I can imagine there being a perennial appeal. You’ll for well constructed conservatively designed boots that are entirely recraft Abul. It could be something that could be passed on the way that my dad’s appreciation of Red Wing boots is ? I described in my 81 38 review was passed on to me and so in the meantime fresh designers fresh approaches.

A new look at heritage design is to me a very welcome thing it might be fair to say that Red Wings iron Rangers don’t live up to the bold heroic fight for justice, which the eye rangers have come to historically represent in Minnesota’s history.

If you want more information about the most comfortable work boots for men, you can watch the video below :

However, I do think it’s fair to say that these boots have become emblematic of a renewed interest in craftsmanship and a example of what can be accomplished with a fresh approach to heritage Footwear. If you enjoyed this articles ? I really appreciate it. If you liked and shared it and if you’re new to my blog. I want to invite you to share as always thank you so much for your time.